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For over 15 years Ocean Rodeo has built gear with one simple goal in mind: the best possible wind and water experience.

Product by product that philosophy adapts to the need of the rider. Beginner friendly gear ensures a simple, easy to use experience while our advanced gear challenges you to step-up or opens new possibilities to ride otherwise impossible wind or water conditions; making everyday conditions, amazing.

Brand Ambassadors

The Kite Mag review of the Gen 4 Prodigy

The Kite Mag review of the Gen 4 Prodigy

The Prodigy has quickly placed itself at the core of the Ocean Rodeo range of kites. It is a kite that has learnt from 15 years of kite design and has applied the main evolutions of the sport very effectively to endeavor to be the ‘perfect all-rounder’. Out of the bag... read more
Kiteworld Tests The Duke!

Kiteworld Tests The Duke!

TEST TEAM NOTES The Mako Duke appears, at 5’4”, to be a very scaled down mini-mal sort of surfboard shape. Very full in both the nose and the tail, where it differs from a mini-mal – apart from its obvious shorter length – is the large concave underneath that comes... read more

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60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

For over 15 year Ocean Rodeo has been synonymous with high quality, innovative, well built equipment and apparel, building an incredibly loyal customer base along the way.

We are confident that you will love your new Ocean Rodeo purchase but if not, we want to make it right. We offer an unconditional money-back 60 day satisfaction guarantee on all our gear. Buy with confidence that your new purchase will live up to not only your own high expectations, but ours as well.