Why settle for the status quo, when you can make a difference? At Ocean Rodeo we recognize our partner schools bring something invaluable to each student's experience: The first encounter. We want to provide every possible opportunity for schools to enhance those first experiences, and use innovation to remove any obstacles in the journey of learning these sports we are all so passionate about. Our R&D team has worked closely with schools for many years to shape our kites and wings to benefit not only the highest level riders in the world, but also the students who are so important to the future of these sports.

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Why Choose Us?

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More Teaching Days

Built with strategically placed ALUULA material, our Hybrid Light series kites and wings enjoy significant weight reduction compared to industry standard Dacron kites. It’s simple, a lighter kite or wing means more productive time on (as opposed to in!) the water for you and your students. Ocean Rodeo schools with HL-Series and even the full ALUULA A-Series kites and wings in their assortments find themselves teaching students at all levels with this gear much more than anticipated; particularly in the lighter wind lessons when other kites can’t even be flown. More time on the water, more lessons, and happier students = more revenue!


With Ocean Rodeo, being lighter doesn’t mean less durable. ALUULA materials provide improved abrasion resistance, strength, and stiffness in addition to significant weight savings. With our home being in the Pacific Northwest, we’re accustomed to heavy weather and challenging launches. From here our kites and wings travel the world and are thoroughly tested to withstand environmental extremes - whether it’s the howling winter winds hitting the North Pacific coastline or the relentless sand-blasting and sun on the edge of the Sahara.

Enhanced Experience for Your Students

Ocean Rodeo kites offer a greater wind range, better relaunch and crisper steering (even in very light wind conditions). Our kites will sit at the edge of the wind window even when white caps have disappeared; something that is key for sending new students out safely from shore. Relaunch is efficient, and your student will spend more time practicing kite piloting skills and riding, rather than struggling to relaunch. With Ocean Rodeo wings, you can expect more efficient handling, better performance, and less strain on the arms and shoulders. Learning has never been so easy! Give your students the best opportunity to progress further in the limited time they have with you!

Dedicated School Equipment

Ocean Rodeo’s dedicated school kite, the REACT, offers exceptional value-for-money whilst providing your students with the steady confidence building performance they'll appreciate. Based on the easy handling airframe of the ROAM, the REACT’s water relaunch is as easy as it gets and will have first-time riders up and riding in no time. Its light yet robust build will take the punishment of learning, while not holding back at all on solid all-around freeride performance. The REACT kites and HL kites and wings are perfect choices for newly independent riders. Their ease of use and affordability will have your students wanting to continue with what they’ve become comfortable and confident with. Turning equipment over at the end of the season will be a great opportunity to keep these students on the quality gear they’ve been introduced to through your school.

Versatile Mix of Gear Inventory

A school inventory that includes the REACT kite, an assortment of HL-Series kites and wings, and even a few full ALUULA A-Series units provides schools with the following:  

• More teaching time on the water.

• An easier learning curve for your newest students.

• A variety of handling/performance characteristics that will further inspire and excite those students who are quickly progressing to all levels.

If you want to offer a premium school experience, including the highest step up in performance and power available for your students, our A-series kite and wing line-ups, featuring full ALUULA airframes, are the perfect premium addition to your quiver.

HL Kites & Wings

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