Hey Carla! We’ve been checking in with you on social media, but we’d love to hear how things are over there, and if you have advice for others in a similar situation.

First up, tell everyone exactly where you are and what the current restrictions are there… 

I live in Tarifa, Spain and the situation here currently isn’t great! We’ve been in a lockdown for the last three weeks, and it’s likely to be another three weeks at least, but thankfully things are starting to improve. The only reason we can currently get out on the streets is to buy food or walk the dogs. Luckily we have two dogs at home so we are able to go out a couple of times a day.

What do your current days look like? Do you have a schedule?  

Yeah, I try to keep a daily schedule as close to my normal days as possible. I wake up every day at 8am (but I get out of bed around 8.30am!). First thing to do in the morning is walk my dog and get ready to train.

My training consists of about one hour on an exercise bike, and then around another hour doing other exercises with some stuff I have at home. The afternoons are more relaxed, I have a very big terrace where I can relax, read, and I’m also trying out some new cooking recipes…

Well, that’s made us hungry. How else are you keeping fit? 

I train every day, even on Sundays! I keep a daily routine that I would normally use for the gym, it’s just that at home I need to improvise with what I have… Sometimes I do squats with my dog! Also, another important part is to eat even healthier than before, as I don’t get to move as much as I usually do!

So can you do any kind of kite training?

Some days I fly a little kite on my terrace! With my board, I practice tic-tacs and flips over the sofa. I also try to visualize the tricks I was already working on, to be ready for my next session!   

Can you see the sea from your balcony? 

Yes… I don’t know if I should feel lucky or not. I have a massive terrace with sea views, and part of what I can see is the spot where I would normally go. There are days that it hurts my heart to see the amazing conditions and I can’t go to enjoy it right now! When I go shopping I always try to pass by the beach with the car, even if I can’t step on the sand…

Who do you stay in touch with the most?

My family lives pretty far away from Tarifa, so now more than ever I call every day to make sure they are all fine, happy and healthy.

Who’s with you right now?

My little family! I live with my boyfriend and I’m very grateful to spend this time with him. He always has something in mind to do and keeps me motivated. Also, we have two dogs, so I’m always surrounded by great company!

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you can get to the sea?

First thing will be to pump up one of my Craves and go kiting like there is no tomorrow! There is a lot of time on the water I need to catch up on! But not only that, I’m also very much looking forward to going walking in the mountains with my dogs and also see my friends! Hopefully that’s not too far away now.