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Fall is here and drysuit season returns! Need to stay snug in (and out) of the water? Then the Ocean Rodeo Soul is your best friend…

Extend your season dramatically with our best-selling drysuit, where highly refined design meets the ultimate in technical performance.

The Soul is built to offer you greater flexibility and customizable levels of warmth, including our revolutionary Captive Zip design, which gives you the ability to choose between either 100% full ‘Dry Mode’ or, if you’re relaxing between sessions, you can use the ‘Standby Mode’ by opening the dry zip and doffing the neck seal, all of which can be done while still wearing a PFD.

Then, with the over-jacket zipped up, the Soul provides industry-leading ventilation and protection in all conditions.

So why should you purchase a drysuit?


  • A drysuit replaces 4:3 and 5:4 (and thicker) wetsuits.
  • Better range of motion than a neoprene wetsuit.
  • Never again put on a wet and cold wetsuit for a second session or the following morning!
  • Breathable fabric means you will not overheat.
  • Drysuits generally have a longer lifespan than a wetsuit.

The best drysuit.

Guy G Robert

Amazing product and great value. Comfort is definitely worth the investment.

Angela McLaughlin

The Soul is available in Green or Royal Blue.
Head here for purchase options.