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Ocean Rodeo’s 0% Financing and FAQ

Access to the outdoors should be just as flexible and dynamic as the terrain we are wanting to explore. Pioneering Industry firsts we are proud to provide No risk 0% interest payment plans to you that come with all the comforts of Ocean Rodeo’s leading 60 day guarantee, and our buyback program coming fall of 2019.

Pay for your No Excuses equipment over 3, 6 or 12 months:

Providing you with the ease of being able to pay your quiver of kites, professional dry wear or any store items with a value over $200 you now have the power to control how you choose to pay for new equipment over a time frame that works for you.

What Happens To My Credit Score if I use 0% Financing?
Nothing. If you use an Ocean Rodeo 0% financing plan there is no impact on your credit score. All the bank sees is the individual installment charges each month. If one of your payment authorizations is declined, there is still no effect on your credit rating; it is simply a declined charge. The denial would simple accelerate payment of the remaining balance (unless you provide a different card which was not denied).
What Happens if my credit card expires half way through the payment plan?
We allow you to use credit cards which expire in the middle of the installment plan. One month before the credit card expiration, Splitit will notify you via email and give you the option to switch from the old to the newly issued credit card, so that your installment plan will run intact. You can switch credit cards directly via the Splitit consumer portal or you can call customer care and we will do it for you.
My Credit Card has been stolen. What do I do?
If your credit card gets lost or stolen, please do the following:

  1. Contact your credit card company immediately and report that your card was stolen. You must report a stolen credit card immediately.
  2. Email the Splitit customer service team at for further instructions.
  3. Update your payment plan with another credit card; Log into the Splitit Consumer Portal using the credentials you received after your purchase. Go to the Payment Plan Information tab, select your payment plan and click on Update Credit Card Details. Enter the new credit card details and click Confirm.
How do I update my Credit Card Information?
You can update credit card information by logging into the Splitit Consumer Portal using the credentials you received after your purchase. Go to the Payment Plan Information tab, select your payment plan and click on Update Credit Card Details. Enter the new credit card details and click Confirm.
How Can I Calculate the amount of remaining payments left on my transaction?
Log on to your Splitit account and select the Payment Plan Information tab. There you can see the remaining installments due.
I want my payments to go through on a certain day of the month. How do I do this?
We process charges on the same day of the month as the first charge (which may be after you bought the item). So, for example, if the first installment appeared on your credit card statement on the 8th day of the month, all future installment payments for that specific purchase will appear on the 8th of each month. The actual day that the money is withdrawn from your bank account depends on the timing of your overall credit card payment.
Can I pay off my instalments early?
Yes, you can. This option is now available on your Splitit consumer portal. You can always call our customer care and we would be more than happy to help you with paying off instalments early.
Are There Fees to financing?
Buying using our 0% Financing Option is always free of fees. Ocean Rodeo does not charge the customer transaction fees or interest. It’s that simple.

Note that if credit card laws change, this could change in the future.

How do I track my instalments on my Credit Card Statements?
Each month, your credit card statement displays the installment charge amount for that month, along with the merchant name; you will also see the authorization/hold for the outstanding amount dropping by one installment, every month. In addition, Splitit will email you after each successful installment charge.

How Does the 0% Financing with Ocean Rodeo work?


We request authorization from the customer’s credit card company, reserving the total purchase amount from the customer’s available line of credit. Then, each month, according to the customer’s payment plan, the merchant’s bank collects the installment amount and Splitit requests authorization for the remaining balance.

The service, which takes just seconds, is initiated directly from the merchant’s website.

It is important to note that payments are still charged on your existing credit card. Splitit simply provides you the method to do this and information about the installments.

Here is an example of how the service works for a customer buying a kiteboard totaling $1,000 in 5 installments of $200 each:

  1. We obtain authorization from the credit card company for the full purchase amount of $1,000. This is not a charge on the card; it is simply reserving $1,000 from the customer’s line of credit.
  2. The credit card company then charges the customer $200 for the first payment.
  3. During the second month, we request authorization for the outstanding purchase amount of $800, and charges the customer the second installment of $200.
  4. This authorization and charge process continues until the full $1000 is collected–in this case, for 5 months.
Which Credit Cards Are Supported?
The credit cards that 0% Finance supports Visa and MasterCard.


Is the Ocean Rodeo 0% Financing Payment Cards Industry Data Security Standards PCI compliant?

Yes, Splitit is providing a secure platform that adheres to all PCI DSS requirements. More information about our PCI certification can be found at

Is the Ocean Rodeo 0% Financing Secure?
Yes! Splitit complies with Visa and MasterCard operating standards meaning we are PCI – DSS level 1 compliant and we use communication security technology (single-socket layer/ SSL) to keep the information safe.