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The suit that started it all, the Soul continues to be our best selling drysuit. This is where highly refined design meets technical performance.

Built to offer you greater flexibility and customizable levels of warmth the Soul features our revolutionary Captive Zip design, giving you the ability to choose fully “dry mode” or “standby mode”.

The Soul features a 100% full dry mode, or when relaxing between sessions use “standby mode” by opening the dry zip and doffing the neck seal which can all be done while still wearing a PFD. With the over jacket then zipped up the Soul provides industry leading ventilation and protection.

USD$899.00or 12 interest-free payments of USD$74.92 with SPLITIT



  • Standby or Full Drysuit mode – Captive Zip Self Entry
  • German made T-zip Masterseal main dry zip
  • Captive over flap jacket zip
  • Outer Chest Pocket
  • 420 Denier abrasion overlays at knees, buttocks and crotch
  • VENTOR salt water resistant, drysuit specific waterproof breathable material
  • Adjustable & removable suspenders
  • Trim to fit, Polytex UV resistant seals
  • Removable hood
  • German made T-zip Masterseal crotch relief zip
  • Jacket pockets and inside jacket stash pocket
  • Large chest pocket accommodates marine radio, etc
  • Available with attached Polytex UV resistant ankle seals
  • Lower leg “boot cuff” overlays
  • Reflective piping

Notes: 1 Captive Zip technology, patent pending.





Ocean Rodeo’s waterproof breathable three layer material “VENTOR” is designed specifically for drysuits, featuring a salt water resistant non-porous, hydrophilic polyurethane (PU) breathable membrane. These materials have enabled us to make suits that have lasted rugged adventurists for over 10 years.


200 Denier Nylon/Taslan with DWR finish. The tough outer fabric is coated with DWR to repel water while allowing sweat release from within your suit.



VENTOR works well in both fresh and salt water environments and does not break down with extended salt water use. This is the part of the suit that keeps you dry. It allows sweat vapor out while not letting any water in.


The inside mesh layer helps protect the PU breathable film. This is what you are looking at inside the suit.

10,000MM H2O OR HIGHER *1

5,000-7,000 G/M2/24HRS. A1 *2


*1 JIS L1092B, ISO 811
*3 JIS L1092B, ISO 4920

16 CFR, Part 16 for Flammability of Clothing & Textiles
OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified
bluesign Certified
REACH conforming under EC edict 1907/2006


Should I rinse the suit off between sessions?
Short answer? Yes. Longer answer? You don’t need to be super diligent. Obviously, a rinsed off and hung to dry suit will be much more comfortable to don before your next session though!
Should I hang my suit to dry?
Absolutely. Only when hung and in a well ventilated area will your suit be able to fully dry. Suits left wet overnight or in the trunk of your car will start to smell and may well also get stained with mildew or mold.

If your suit is starting to smell, we suggest a rinse in McNett’s MiraZyme. This product is completely safe for your suit and will kill odor causing bacteria, etc.

How can I pack my suit for travel?
The best way to pack a suit for travel is to lie it face down on the floor and roll the suit from the legs up to the shoulders, folding the arms in over the rolled suit. This will help prevent any folding of the zipper.

Your zipper is the most expensive single component on your suit and should never be folded or kinked, as this can cause permanent damage to the zipper and a costly repair!

At the end of the season, how should I store my suit?
As described above, you are best to ensure your suit is fully dry before storing it for the season.

If possible, we also encourage you to hang the suit with the zipper open in a well ventilated area rather than folding and storing in a bin or drawer.

Crucially, the seals of your suit will require some special attention. Your seals are made from a high quality, hand dipped latex which is vulnerable to oil. You can use talc or baby powder to soak up residual oils off the seals or McNett’s Seal Saver product to clean and protect your seals.

Best way to maintain my seals?
Your seals require very little maintenance. However, there are some good tips to be aware of.

Never don or doff your suit while wearing jewelry, especially on the hands or ears. If you see a nick in your seal, be sure to repair it before it grows!

Don’t “pull” your seals on over your wrists or ankles. Use your hands to help the seals over your head, hands or feet to prevent undue stress on the seal.

At the end of each season, be sure to clean your seals with McNett’s Seal Saver or similar product to absorb excess oils left on the seal. These oils can eat away at your seal when in storage. Talc or baby powder also helps absorb these oils and can be used.

What if I tear a seal?
In the unlikely occurrence that you nick or tear your seal, there is an easy fix. Contact us for a repair kit that can easily be ironed onto the seal to patch any small punctures, nicks or tears.

If the tear is too large to patch, we also sell easily applied replacement seals. These seals ship complete with a heat activated dry glue which bonds with the rubber. Replacing the seal is as simple as cutting the old seal back to approximately 3-4” remaining and bonding the new seal to the stump left behind of the old seal.

My seals are too tight - help?!

Our seals are designed to keep you dry not by being tight but by sitting smooth and flush against your skin. At no time should your seals be cutting off circulation or breathing!

If you feel your seals are too tight, you can easily adjust their size. However, 1st be sure that you’ve got the seal on such that it is smooth and flush against your skin and not folded back on itself as this will cause it to pinch.

If you still need to adjust your seals, we suggest that you 1st consider taking wine or pop bottles and stretching the wrist and ankle seals over these overnight. This will often relax the rubber significantly. You can use a medium sized kitchen pot for the neck.

As a last resort you can trim your seals to fit. Trimming the seals should be done 1-2mm (1/16th of an inch) at a time. You can see a video on seal trimming here.

Water is getting into my suit. What now?
If your suit is brand new and you’re experiencing water ingress, it is almost certainly due to one of two possible mistakes.

If you’re getting wet close to the zipper (chest or groin) you’ve likely not fully closed your zipper. The zipper must be pulled fully closed such that the car is snug against the docking end of the zipper, there is a noticeable feeling when the zipper locks into place, fully closed.

If you’re getting wet around the seals, check to make sure your seals are smooth against your skin. Folds, creases or tucks will allow water to slip into the suit. Be sure as well that no thermal underlayers are trapped between your skin and the seal as this will wick water into the suit.

If your suit is not brand new, it might be time to refresh the waterproof barrier of your VentOR materials. NikWax T.X Direct spray on waterproofing will dramatically improve your suit’s breathability and waterproofness.

What if I rip or puncture the suit?
Your suit is made from extremely durable materials and will not succumb to rips or tears easily. However, if you do puncture or tear your suit, we offer easily applied patch kits that require little more than an iron and 5 minutes of your time.

Your suit must be dry and clean prior to applying the patch. Turn the suit inside out and follow the iron on instructions to apply the patch and get back on the water quickly!

Can I wash my suit?

If your suit gets stained with something like mud or dirt you can lightly scrub the area with a light solvent such as hand soap. However, never put your suit in the washing machine or dryer!!

Longer term, you might find that your suit needs a refreshing and is starting to smell a bit ‘funky’. McNett’s MiraZyme is an excellent option to clean and deodorize your suit.

Can I refresh the waterproofing on the suit?
Yes! Over time your suit’s waterproofing will begin to lose its water repellency… this is normal. You may notice a feeling that the suit is ‘damp’ inside or that it is less breathable than previous. When you begin to notice these traits, it’s time to refresh your suit’s waterproof barrier!

NikWax T.X Direct spray on waterproofing is easy to apply and will dramatically improve your suit’s breathability and waterproofness, breathing new life into your suit!

Are there any tips for zipper care?
Your T-Zip Master Zip is an expensive and highly advanced zipper and you should take care of it!

Included with your suit is a small packet of zipper lube, this is a simple silicone lube and can be replaced with McNett’s Zip Tech if you run out. Use the zipper lube to keep the zipper moving smoothly.

If you’re zipper car gets jammed with an obstruction (fabric, hair, etc) be sure to carefully back the zipper off the obstruction, do not simply pull harder!

If you feel your zipper is leaking, be sure to check to make sure you have it fully closed by pulling hard to make sure the zipper car is snug against the docking end of the zipper. If you are still getting water seepage, apply a bead of silicone or Zip Tech lubricant to re-seal the small teeth on the zipper.

Lastly, be sure not to ever fold or kink your zipper! This can cause the zipper to leak or, worse, to fail to close at all!

3 reviews for Soul

  1. David Becerra

    There’s a certain nostalgia that comes along when the leaves start to turn and when frost sets on your SuP on those late November sessions. Soon our landlocked SuP collective – except the Great Lakes crew – will be packing their boards for the season or start their annual migration to warmer waters to pursue their passion. Fortunately for coasties, we have the best of both worlds, we can head south and we can extend our season on ocean water by investing in a drysuit. Of course and for obvious reasons, an appropriate thickness wetsuit is preferable for SuP Surfing. However, for the flat water, touring or downwind SuP crews, a drysuit is the preferred choice to keep you comfortable and safe on a long winter sesh. In terms of when should you be donning a drysuit is a matter of preference; though not cast in stone, my personal indicators are: ambient air goes into the minus Celsius and/or water temp reaches single digits.

    While I will take every opportunity to go south on annual basis – who wouldn’t – a few years ago I researched SuP drysuits for the rare occasion that I may be in Nova Scotia during winter or a cold snap in the shoulder season. My research led to three brands; Ocean Rodeo, Supskin and Prolimit, who all had developed SuP cold weather drysuit. Although Supskin and Prolimit products are commendable, their thin breathable construction material is best suited for Canada’s west coast winter conditions or a North America shoulder season. For Atlantic Canada or the Great Lakes full-on winter, these two drysuits would require substantial layers on a cold day, which in my opinion restricts movements. Standing out from the pack is the Ocean Rodeo Soul which uses a thick “VENTOR” material (salt water resistant, drysuit specific waterproof breathable textile) that innately requires less layering on a cold winter day. Keep in mind that all drysuits will require an inner layer to wick moisture from your body and provide some insulation between the drysuit’s outer shell and your body. Also, no matter how breathable the drysuit fabric, you will sweat during intense physical activity. So adapting the insulation layer to match your level of activity with the ambient temperature is key to balancing your core temperature with the fabric’s breathability properties.

    Beyond the thickness of the drysuit and not having the opportunity to try one locally, what really pleased me in my decision-making process, was the attention provided by Ocean Rodeo staff in Vancouver when inquiring about their product. Everyone I spoke with was passionate about their product line and took the time to thoroughly advise me on the fitting process. That’s because Ocean Rodeo offers in-between sizes that results in a near custom fit. But just like the shopping channel; that’s not all! Though the Ocean Rodeo Soul is a full one piece drysuit with abrasion resistant Denier in key areas, it doesn’t look like one. Once zipped-up, it resembles a relaxed two piece cold weather technical apparel without being too bulky. The entry point, which seals with a German made “Masterseal T-zip”, is wide enough for persons with broad shoulders and non-circus contortionists. All the articulation points fall neatly into place thanks to adjustable and removable inner suspenders. There are also plenty of roomy pockets to store additional necessities, including a small portable marine VHF radio at chest level. In addition, the bottom portion has a handy “Masterseal” relief zip that allows you to perform a #1 without having to undress. Unfortunately, the orientation of the relief zipper is not adequate for female paddlers and one would hope that this will be rectified this in future iterations. Another advantage the Soul drysuit is the ability to be worn in a drysuit or standby mode. The latter allows you to stay warm and comfortable while you off-load your gear or pack up at the end of a SuP sesh. Keep in mind that the drysuit standby mode should never be worn on or near water without a personal flotation device. There are other added features like a removable hood, reflective trim, gasket repair kit, and zipper lube that truly pays compliment to the detail attention of this drysuit.

    Ocean Rodeo doesn’t claim that the Soul is SuP specific. After all this company weighs heavy on kiteboarding, but it is nevertheless a watersport and the company’s brainchild a true waterman. Sure I would have liked some dedicated North Atlantic R&D that would result in a pure SuP specific drysuit for our weather conditions, but just like a floating espresso bar…it ain’t gonna happen. Though it is growing, winter SuPing in Atlantic Canada and the Great Lakes remains a relatively small market for companies to invest. Until that changes, it is my opinion that the Ocean Rodeo Soul is a good option for those wishing to extend their season on the North Atlantic and Great Lakes.

  2. Guy G Robert

    the best drysuit

  3. Angela McLaughlin

    I have been using my XS (I’m 5’2”, 130lb) soul for about 3 years for long distance (read: wet) sailing and winter kiting, and have been really happy with the performance. I never cease to be amazed when all my baselayers are actually dry when I take it off.

    Favourite features: standby mode so you’re not rocking a neck gasket when unneeded; the suspenders for full standby; relaxed/still flattering fit, quite comfortable and very easy to move around in; really good quality zippers, never had an issue; mostly ripproof fabric, although I did eventually have to do a small knee repair (Ignite has reinfoced knees.

    If I could change anything, a female-specific pee zipper would be nice. Other features from the more expensive Ignite that I’d like to see trickle down would be a higher collar with some microfleece on it, booties instead of ankle gaskets, velcro straps on the ankles, and reinforced knees.

    Overall amazing product and great value. Comfort is definitely worth the investment.

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