The Kite Mag review of the Gen 4 Prodigy | Ocean Rodeo

The Prodigy has quickly placed itself at the core of the Ocean Rodeo range of kites. It is a kite that has learnt from 15 years of kite design and has applied the main evolutions of the sport very effectively to endeavor to be the ‘perfect all-rounder’.

Out of the bag and build quality is excellent, with solid reinforcements and a quality feel to the construction. There is a high volume inflation valve which, coupled with the Ocean Rodeo Big Pump, sees the kite inflated in a remarkably short amount of time. In the air and – as with previous Prodigys we have tested – the first word that comes to mind is: stability. It is such a well-balanced kite and you have an immediate sense that it is not going to do anything unpredictable.

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