*New Product* Our lightest Flite ever! | Ocean Rodeo

4th Gen Flite

High Performance, Light Wind Kite

Over the years the Flite has achieved elite status in the world of light wind kiteboarding. Along the way it has helped redefine the entire genre into a new, more robust and exciting discipline challenging conventional ideas of what light wind sessions offer.
Glassy waters beckon, smooth wave faces cry out to be carved. The Flite delivers on these promises with a tight, snappy kite that defies conventional wisdom that high performance and light wind are mutually exclusive.
At the heart of this new revolution is a unique combination of Ocean Rodeo’s near 2 decades of kite design experience and an ever evolving focus on weight reduction and redistribution.

This year we tore each size apart in an effort to surgically remove as much weight as possible without affecting our industry leading reputation for design quality and durability. The result is a uniquely tuned kite for each size. Now with large inflation system, the biggest kites are a breeze to pump. A kite designed to perform when others hope to simply stay aloft. Larger sizes loop easily and maintain forward flight through the lightest of lulls. The smaller sizes deliver fantastic x-over freeride performance with tight, snappy loops and big lofty jumps.

The Flite will get you off the beach sooner than any other kite. Put down the Frisbee my friend, the water is calling you.