Kiteworld Tests the 10M Flite | Ocean Rodeo


The Flite is very unique in that it’s a ten metre designed for light wind. In the previous two Flite ranges the 17 and 14.5 metre models have been the more traditionally sized high performance light wind models, but in this third generation Ocean Rodeo say that this ten metre is the lightest kite they have ever made.

So, what’s the deal? Well, the ten metre isn’t going to replace your fourteen metre exactly, but what it does do is inject your marginal 10 metre weather days – where you’re kitesurfing, but not having huge amounts of fun – into really exciting sessions where you have bags of power. The low range performance is remarkable. We had it out on the same day as the Cabrinha FX 10m which hands-down was one of the most exciting kites we tested last year, but we were underpowered on that, and it doesn’t matter how good a kite is – if you haven’t got enough power, you’ll struggle. Take the Flite out in average conditions and you’ll have more power than anyone else as it’s a more energetic and exciting kite with lots of power. It feels quick and punchy because you still have all the benefits of it being a mid-sized kite rather than a more cumbersome bigger kite. In reality the ten metre delivers power more like a thirteen metre, but feels faster, more efficient, lighter and more agile.

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