2018 Bar / Kite FAQ | Ocean Rodeo

Next Gen Kites and Bars FAQ

Our Next Generation of kites and bars all have been adapted to better match the rest of the industry’s use of 4 equal length flying lines, inclusive of pigtails.

By going to this industry standard, your Next Generation kite or bar will be quickly interchangeable with most other brands’ equipment. However, this transition will also mean that it is important that you bring all your existing Ocean Rodeo gear up to Next Gen settings to make sure all your gear continues to work together!

Here’s a simple FAQ to guide you through the process!
Q: What if, I have a Next Gen Ocean Rodeo kite and Next Gen Ocean Rodeo bar?
A: You’re all set! The 2018 Kites and bars are set to work together right out of the box.

Q: What if I have a Next Gen Ocean Rodeo kite and a previous generation of Ocean Rodeo bar?

A: Using a 2017 or older bar requires that you modify the 2018 kite’s bridle. This is a good idea only if you intend to have one or two 2018 kites and to use them with older bars.  Watch install video.

Q: What if I have a previous generation Ocean Rodeo kite and a Next Gen Ocean Rodeo bar?

A: The 2017 or older kite works perfectly with the new bar but will require a bridle adapter kit. This is a great idea to apply to all your older kites in order to ensure your older gear is all Next Gen compliant moving forward. Watch this install video

Note: Once adapted, your previous generation kite is no longer compatible with previous generation bars!

Q: I bought a 1st Generation Stick Shift bar in 2017. Am I compatible with Next Gen kites?
A: That bar came with everything you need to convert to work with our Next Generation kites! Check your manual or watch this video! Note though! If you also continue to own 2017 or older kites, you’re best to apply adapters to their bridles to make them Next Gen compliant and ensure all your gear moving forward is easily interchangeable! Watch this install video.

Q: My bar is a few seasons old. Is it compatible?
A: Our older bars do not integrate with the Next Generation of kites. In order to be compatible, your bar must use single front line flagout! Older bars that work with the Roll Over bridle and use both front lines as safety lines are not compatible and should not be adapted for use with our Next Gen kites!




If your bar does not have one of the trim loops featured bellow it is not compatible with the Next Gen kites.

For all Next Gen kites, it is critical that the bar you are using utilizes a single front line flag out system.