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IKSURFMAG Reviews The Mako


IKSURFMAG got a first hand glance at how the Mako is built Northwest tough.

At a Glance

The Mako, Ocean Rodeo’s renowned signature board, has recently undergone a revamp and we were excited to be able to test it out.

Presented as a surf-oriented twin tip, the Mako doesn’t look like a modern-day kiteboard; in fact, you may think it’s from a different era. A continuously curved rail from the centre to the very rounded tips combined with the largest concave you have ever seen on a kiteboard, let alone a twin tip.

When you open it up, you’ll only find two fins… Nope, you’re not missing anything from the box; it’s a twin fin setup, centred at each tip.

Built to withstand the rocky shores of Canada the Mako feels solid and oozes quality. Previously, when testing the smaller 140cm version of the Mako, I had a little mishap, I was so stoked to head out kiting, that in the process of running out the door I smacked it into the doorframe. Thoroughly upset with myself, and saddened to have hit a new board against the wall, I looked down dreading some damage. To my surprise, nothing, not even a faint scratch, and certainly no damage to the ABS sidewall. Thanks to Ocean Rodeo for building solid gear, these boards are certainly tough!

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