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Dealer Implementation



Given the huge customer interest we’ve seen in our ALUULA-built A-Series kites, on Friday May 1st we’ll be releasing our new A-Series Deposit Program, our way to drive significant business to our A-Series dealers, by looking to ensure that 100% of any open A-Series order is pre-sold, and also guaranteeing order fulfillment to all your A-Series consumer pre-orders.

Through our forthcoming international marketing of this program (including to a dedicated mailing list of engaged potential customers), we will match up established and forthcoming pre-orders with their closest or preferred A-Series dealer.

By creating this Deposit Program, our priority is to drive guaranteed business to our A-Series dealers during this tricky period for retail, and ensure that the consumer experience is premium, seamless and ultimately enjoyable.



  • To make the customer pre-order process simple and concern-free for all parties, ensuring sales for the dealer, and guaranteed order fulfillment for the consumer.
  • Allowing consumers to pre-order their A-Series kites via a centralized, easy-to-use and widely promoted deposit system.
  • To increase customer pre-orders, which will be steered entirely to A-Series dealers based on the date of their order, proximity to the customer, and customer preference.
  • Ensuring that only A-Series dealers with open bookings with us benefit exclusively from the introduction of these new kites and the resulting pre-orders.
  • To assist our partners with kite orders through this particularly tricky period in kite retail.
  • To further underscore the excitement that’s continuing to build for these premium kites.


1. We ask any dealers or retailers who have taken customer deposits thus far to submit a summary of their pre-orders as soon as possible, to ensure any orders are allocated against your booking. You can email us here, providing us with the name and email of the customer and what they have ordered.

2. Ocean Rodeo will take all further deposits via our dedicated Deposit Program web page. We will manage a centralized list of A-Series dealers and pre-order customers. 

3. Customers who express a wish to pre-order an A-Series ALUULA kite should be sent to our dedicated web page.

4. When a customer’s A-Series deposit is received here at Ocean Rodeo, we will match it with their preferred or closest A-Series dealer, prioritizing customers by the date of their order.

This pre-order will then go on the list against the preferred/closest A-Series dealer’s allocated stock. Should the dealer have already sold out based on pre-order bookings, it will be allocated to the next closest dealer, and so on.

5. Dealer pre-order bookings will then have 100% deposit credit applied to their account for each deposit taken. Please note that until the order is fulfilled, the customer’s deposit is fully refundable.

6. Once the pre-order allocation has been made to an A-Series dealer, the kites will be shipped to the dealer with no money owing to us. In the meantime, we will pass over to the dealer the customer’s name, kite order and deposit/s received, so that they may make contact with the customer.

7. When the kite is shipped, the dealer will then invoice the customer for the remaining balance, including shipping costs and any local taxes where applicable, but only collect the balance owing from the customer with Ocean Rodeo providing the credit of 100% of the deposit’s value to their account for the majority of the purchase cost.

8. Pre-order customer bookings will be prioritized by date, on a ‘first come, first secured’ basis, so please encourage your customers to book their pre-order as soon as possible.

9. Credit balance (the difference between wholesale/deposit payment and the retail price) will be applied to your booking as balance owing.

10. We will send out weekly update emails to all pre-order customers, until their kites start shipping!

We are now also selling through our second order of A-Series kites. Please get in touch if you would like to book further stock.

Given the demand noted so far, and the expectation that we will pre-sell 100% of the current bookings, it is likely that we will continue this program for the second wave of A-Series kites.

A customer FAQs page will be available for both customers and dealers to view on May 1st. If you have any further questions, please reach out to us on, and we’ll be happy to help.