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Easy Surfs Reviews OR Drysuits

Easy Surfs Reviews OR Drysuits

EASY SURF Reviews OR Drysuits

Ocean Rodeo Drysuit – surf all year long!

Not everyone lives on a remote tropical island with perfect sunny conditions all year long. Surfers from countries with short summer season also want to enjoy water, even when it’s about to freeze! Over years, the technology of wetsuits manufacturing evolved and enabled to surf in colder waters for longer. But today, one can get something more than a wetsuit – let us acquaint you with Drysuits.

Drysuits for watersports evolved from clothing for professional marine industry. Fishermen in northern waters, tough regatta sailors – these were the groups in need to stay warm and dry in severe water, wind and temperature conditions. But for watersports enthusiasts the needs for comfort, freedom of movement and breathability are more specific and sophisticated. So nowadays, Drysuits dedicated for watersports are really high-tech, perfectly designed products

Let us introduce you to a collection of Drysuits form Ocean Rodeo – the leading brand in this field. You can purchase them in EASY SURF Shop. Ocean Rodeo is a company from Vancouver Island, Canada. Far from a tropical paradise, the island is a perfect testing ground with extreme marine conditions. Storm to hurricane force wind warnings don’t make the local news; the ocean temperature is cold, all year, and the remote, rocky, log strewn coastline is hammered relentlessly by harsh north Pacific wind and waves. That’s why you can trust Ocean Rodeo products in any cold and harsh waters!

The company developed it’s own three layer material called “VENTOR”, featuring a salt water resistant non-porous hydrophilic breathable membrane. Outside Abrasion Layer is a 200 Denier Nylon/Taslan material with DWR to repel water while allowing sweat to realese from within the suit. Middle, non-porous, hydrophilic polyurethane membrane is the part of the suit that keeps you dry. It allows sweat vapor out while not letting any water in. Works well also exposed for a long time for salt water enviroment. The inside Tricot mesh (Nylon 18 Denier Tricot Scrim) helps to protect the PU breathable film and keeps your body comfy inside the suit.


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