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Richard Myerscough talks Aluula on The Kitesurf 365

Richard Myerscough talks Aluula on The Kitesurf 365

CEO Richard Myerscough talks Aluula on The Kitesurf365 Podcast



Our CEO & Founder Richard Myerscough was recently invited on to The Kitesurf365 Podcast, to get the full lowdown on everything Aluula!

Here he talks about all the benefits of the material, its use in the Ocean Rodeo kites, and the relationship between Ocean Rodeo and Aluula Composites.

You can listen direct here, or find it on your favourite podcast provider.



Following many months of R&D, concept iterations, and worldwide testing in all kinds of environments, the final Aluula air frame kites are now in production, and the first batch has fanned out to key dealers across the world.

These kites represent the latest and most exciting stage in Ocean Rodeo’s ongoing mission to reduce overall kite weight while enhancing strength and performance. We are proud to formally unveil to you the world’s lightest and strongest performance kites: the Aluula (A-Series) Roam and Flite.

Built with the ground-breaking new Aluula composite material which weighs in at just 82 grams per square meter, the material is 100% UV stable and virtually unrippable. Strength is also improved with Ocean Rodeo’s new Ridge Seam which has been designed specifically for the Aluula composite material and increases seam strength by over 40% compared to traditional stitching methods.
With the widest and most accessible wind range ever seen, the A-Series kites allow for enhanced light wind performance and hold their shape and control in overpowered situations. Where Dacron would distort, Aluula remains rigid, with the low-stretch, quick-flex properties of the Aluula air frame resetting any distortion significantly faster than traditional Dacron air frames. The result is improved control when reaching the kite’s top end, and improved performance throughout the wind range.
The Aluula air frame delivers instant feedback not only from your bar input, but also from the wind, with gusts and lulls instantly transmitted to your control system, giving you the ability to maximize your kite’s power, depower and turning potential, revolutionizing your kitesurfing experience.

With our Aluula-Series kites, we’ve managed to expand the wind range both up and down. I’ve had test sessions on the 10m Roam where others on 8m and 7m kites were being blown off the water. And in light winds, I’ve been out and having an absolute blast on the 10m, where 12m Dacron kites are falling out of the sky. These kites are like highly tuned super cars with responsive suspension. You really get to feel the wind like never before, it is incredible.

Richard Myerscough

Founder & CEO, Ocean Rodeo

The A-Series kites will be available to consumers from spring 2020.

Find out more about the kites!

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Reece’s Shred Lab

Reece’s Shred Lab

Ocean Rodeo team rider Reece Myerscough is currently out in Cape Verde preparing for the start of his 2020 GKA campaign. As our primary Aluula material test pilot, he’s also had some time to test out the final pre-production Aluula airframe kites in perfect lightwind conditions before the groundbreaking new kites are unveiled to the world…

Reece has also been doing plenty of homework out in Cabo Verde. In addition to his training, this has been a great opportunity for some important R&D time for a new set of kitesurfing boards he’s in the process of developing, optimizing them for the kind of grade A surf seen here at Ponta Preta!

 Subscribe to Reece’s Shred Lab YouTube channel for more reviews, coming soon!





We’re super stoked that Aluula Composites – the company we’re working so closely with on our new range of super light Aluula air frame kites – recently won the Best Product category at the 2020 ISPO trade show in Munich, Germany.

Selected from over 500 entries, Aluula Gold won in the Soft Equipment category of the ISPO Textrends 2021/2022 awards. This marked Aluula’s first-ever trade show, and it’s great to see them being recognized for the benefits of this ground-breaking new material and its future potential, not least in our incoming range of kites, which are already blowing minds as they pop up at test locations around the world…

Find out more about our relationship with Aluula just here:

The Soul Drysuit

The Soul Drysuit



Fall is here and drysuit season returns! Need to stay snug in (and out) of the water? Then the Ocean Rodeo Soul is your best friend…

Extend your season dramatically with our best-selling drysuit, where highly refined design meets the ultimate in technical performance.

The Soul is built to offer you greater flexibility and customizable levels of warmth, including our revolutionary Captive Zip design, which gives you the ability to choose between either 100% full ‘Dry Mode’ or, if you’re relaxing between sessions, you can use the ‘Standby Mode’ by opening the dry zip and doffing the neck seal, all of which can be done while still wearing a PFD.

Then, with the over-jacket zipped up, the Soul provides industry-leading ventilation and protection in all conditions.

So why should you purchase a drysuit?


  • A drysuit replaces 4:3 and 5:4 (and thicker) wetsuits.
  • Better range of motion than a neoprene wetsuit.
  • Never again put on a wet and cold wetsuit for a second session or the following morning!
  • Breathable fabric means you will not overheat.
  • Drysuits generally have a longer lifespan than a wetsuit.

The best drysuit.

Guy G Robert

Amazing product and great value. Comfort is definitely worth the investment.

Angela McLaughlin

The Soul is available in Green or Royal Blue.
Head here for purchase options.