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I'm ready to pre-order my kite

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Why a pre-order program?

Demand for our A-Series kites has been very high, far higher than we had anticipated – which of course is great! As such, we want to ensure that anyone who puts down a full pre-order deposit gets their kites first, guaranteed.

We’re doing this from a centralized level to make sure that no A-Series retailer oversells on pre-order deposits and then doesn’t have the stock to fulfill your order. By using our Pre-order Program, your kite is not only 100% guaranteed, but we will also strive to allocate the sale to your nearest A-Series dealer, with whom you will be able to settle any remaining shipping costs or local taxes, and arrange delivery. We’ll put you in touch with your closest dealer and update you with a timeline once the deposit is in place.

How does it work?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up to access the Pre-Order Program, here.
  2. In the days that follow you’ll receive communication from us with an access link.
  3. Choose your A-Series kite model and size that you wish to purchase (you may purchase multiple kites.)
  4. Prior to confirming your order in the cart, enter the name of your nearest or preferred Ocean Rodeo dealer, if you have one.
  5. Enter your contact and payment details (your email address and telephone number will only be shared to your assigned Ocean Rodeo dealer to arrange delivery of your kites – no other details will be shared).
  6. Pay your pre-order deposit and wait for your confirmation email.
  7. Wherever possible, we will allocate your confirmed pre-order to your nearest or preferred Ocean Rodeo dealer.
  8. When the kites arrive with the dealer, they will make contact with you to arrange delivery and payment of any shipping costs or local taxes. Please note that the first delivery of A-Series kites are in high demand, and priority is given on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, so we recommend placing your pre-order as soon as possible.
I'm from outside the US/Canada. Do I have to pay in dollars?

Our pre-order page offers all customers the opportunity to place your deposits in US or Canadian dollars only.

For customers placing pre-orders from Europe, the UK, or elsewhere, once your full deposit is received, we will reach out to update you on which A-Series dealer has been assigned your purchase and to provide an approximate delivery date of the kites.

At this time, we will ask you to provide to us the final amount that was charged in your local currency, so please try and have this ready. It is this total that we will use to apply the credit to your regional A-Series dealer’s account, so that you receive the full value of the credit you paid towards your kites.

Please note, since your deposit will be in CAD or USD, any refund given may show a small difference in the total due to currency exchange variance over time. This could be to your benefit or detriment, depending on how the exchange rate has moved in the intermittent time.

If I pay a full deposit today, am I guaranteed a kite as soon as they are released?

The first delivery of the A-Series ALUULA kites are in high demand, and priority is given on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, so we recommend placing your pre-order as soon as possible.

By placing your pre-order deposit, your kite is 100% guaranteed. Please note though that the first wave of A-Series kites are limited, and fulfillment of your kite order will be based on the date of your pre-order and stock availability at the time. Your assigned dealer will have more information on this when they get in touch.

Can I make sure that my local Ocean Rodeo dealer gets the sale?

Wherever possible we will strive to make sure your preferred Ocean Rodeo dealer gets the sale. However, this is dependent on them being an A-Series stockist. If they aren’t, we will find the closest A-Series dealer to you with available stock, and they will be allocated the pre-order. They will then get in touch with you to confirm delivery when the A-Series kites arrive.

Does the Ocean Rodeo dealer get the full deposit that I’m paying to you?

Yes, 100% of your full pre-order deposit will be applied to the assigned A-Series dealer’s account once they have shipped your kite order. Until such time as you receive your kites, your deposit is fully refundable.

I already paid my local Ocean Rodeo dealer a deposit - is my order secure or do I need to pay again?

If you have already paid a small deposit to your local dealer, please reach out to us directly by email to ensure you’re on our master A-Series Pre-order Program list.

We will then verify the status of your deposit with the dealer and get back to you to confirm your spot in line. In the event that the dealer you paid is not scheduled to receive A-Series kites from the first delivery, rest assured we will work with you to find a happy solution.

What will I owe when the kites arrive?

All you’ll be required to pay when your kites arrive are the shipping costs to deliver them to you, and any applicable local taxes. If you’re not in Canada or the US, there may be a small residual payment to be made based on the currency conversion when you paid your full deposit.

Your allocated A-Series dealer/retailer will be in touch to confirm any final costs, and organize the delivery of your kites.

When will I receive my kite?

In the coming weeks, we will be shipping a large number of demo kites to all of our participating A-Series dealers.

Then, beginning in July, consumer sales will start to ship. These are the kites that are subject to pre-orders and priority will be given on a first come, first served basis. Your allocated dealer will then make contact with you to arrange delivery.

I’ve seen other people with A-Series kites on social media. How come I don’t have mine yet?

A large number of demo kites have been shipped to our A-Series dealers, for them to allow customer tests and to understand and enjoy the huge benefits of these kites themselves.

We’ve encouraged them to sing about the benefits online too! So that is most likely what you’re seeing. But if you have any concerns, just drop us a line.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. Your deposit is the full balance of the kite itself, and you’ll just have to pay for any shipping cost or applicable local taxes when your assigned dealer is ready to deliver your kite. 

If you’re not based in the US or Canada, there may be a small residual payment to be made based on the conversion of your currency at the time of payment. Your assigned dealer will be happy to discuss this with you should it apply.

I paid my full deposit but didn’t receive a confirmation email?

Please first confirm the transaction has taken place by checking with your bank. If it has, and you still haven’t received an email within 24 hours, please email us at

If the transaction hasn’t occurred, please try again.

What is your refund policy?

Until such time as you receive your kite, your pre-order deposit is fully refundable.

(Please note that in some cases, depending on the currency of the card used to process the payment, a small difference from the full deposit received to the full refund paid out may occur, based on the exchange rate. This could be to your benefit or detriment depending on how the exchange rate has moved in the intermittent time, and is out of our control.)

I have a question which isn't answered here.

If you’re question isn’t answered here, please drop us a line to We’ll be more than happy to help.