2007 EZ Stopper Upgrade Kit
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Easily Upgrade your existing 2006 or early 2007 One “Punch Up” bars to the new 2007 SLE Bar configuration complete with the new EZ Stopper.

You can order this easily applied upgrade kit from any Ocean Rodeo Dealer and can read a review on this easily applied kit here .

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I was finding the force required to move the stopper under load a little more than I was comfortable with. Ross H. O.R. head mind trust passed on that if the center diameter of the stopper is increased the load required to move it is decreased. I used a spare piece of line & a short piece of tubing to fabricate a collar around the stopper. The load force required is now about 60%. http://www.flickr.com/photos/9375929@N06/633310425/


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2007 Bar Upgrade

I performed this upgrade on my 50cm and 60cm bars two weeks ago.  I have had four or five sessions since.  A most worthy upgrade!  I initially had concerns about the loss of the punch up function, but those are all gone.  It is easy and quick to adjust the new stopper.  Significant benefit for the small amount of time and money to do the upgrade.


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Absolutely brilliant. At last I have a bar just the way I want it.

Completely spinning and totally adjustable. Excellent stuff. This will and has already started to develop my riding further.

I have seen one downside. If you completely stuff a jump on a ONE (and I do) and the kite falls out of the sky it may want to invert. Pulling the safety was one sure way of making the sure the kite fell back into shape. With the leash attached to the trimn line this is not 100%. All depends where the lines are when it falls. 

My advice - DO IT….......


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