Squamish and or Nitinat
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Hello Everybody,

I will be heading out west for the last 2 weeks of August and was thinking of trying out the legendary Squamish and or Nitinat. I have never been to either and was looking for any tips or pointers about either.  Things like if the wind is historically good at the end of August? wet suit or dry suit season? Is anyone planning on being out there around the end of August? Or anything else.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Everyone,
John Bais smile

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Bring a 4:3 for Squamish and a shortie for Nitnaht.
As long as we do not get too hot and have an outflow, both locations will still be kiteable at the end of August.

Cook St in Victoria is also a great spot to try for an experienced kiter.

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For a wilderness experience Nitinaht is for you.  You want the jet stream N. of us & Fog on the coast:  http://bigwavedave.ca/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6649  http://www.islandnet.com/~rkashino/nitforcast.htm


Big Wave Dave your one stop weather site for S. Van. Island…