Seeking more info on 2012 JT Pro 138?
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I’m in the market for a 138 TT, but don’t find much info on JT Pro.
Is it just freestyle? How is it also for freeride? 
How much rocker is there?
Is the rocker constant curve or multi stage?
How well does it go up wind?
Does it have radical concave or more normal concave?
What size fins does it come with? (this may give me an idea of amount of rocker).
It seems to have generous outline curve with smaller tail width, good for high speed carves? Is it therefore similar to or can anyone compare it to a Monk shape?
Since it is called “Pro” does the construction have carbon fiber, and is it stiff?
Have there been any magazine reviews that you can point me to?

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The JT Pro is Jeremie’s official board. Designed to be good to carve with but focused more on load and pop the board has a progressive rocker line and a slight concave base, flattening to the rails. The tips are thinner, allowing them greater flex than through the middle of the board and letting the rider really load them up to ollie or pop.
I’ll ask Jeremie to drop in some notes here for you too!


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Hey Vector,

The board will work with any rider, the outline of the board makes it very comfortable to ride, you very very little water spray in your face, the flex is also very good, so the board works great in flat and choppy water.

We have designed this board to work great for freestyle and any kind of tricks, but it will also be good for cruising around.

We have been using it in our kiteboarding centre JT Pro Center for rentals and for beginners.Everyone love it.

You can’t go wrong, I wouldn’t have put my name on it wink



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