What Mako range?
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Hi all,
I am new and enthusiast on kiting, having already many hours of kiting and thinking to add a Mako board in my quiver.
I like freeriding, and being fun of flysurfers. I need a board for the range of 15-35knots, I am weighting 86 kg (190lbs). I want to cover chop waves, play with medium waves, as well as high winds. Does anybody can indicate me the range of 140, 150 and king Makos?
For the moment I cover low wind with the Flydoor L (160X44).
What do you suggest me?


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Hi kostas,
I’ll type short (phone)
I had mako’s and flysurfers. Mako 140, 150 and psycho3’s 6, 8 and 13. Windrange 12 till 45kts.
The mako’s hold edge if you want. Change kites for the wind range.
I was then 67 kg and there was almost no difference in wand range between the boards, just a bit different in usage.
I preferred the 140 because it was more playful, better for rotations and high jumps for me, the 150 is a bit more surfy as the 140. They both eliminate chop, so comfy and nice, it’s fun to go fast in chop with mako’s
With your weight I think you can better take the 150, better for you in the waves, all waves from small till big!
I have unfortunately never tried the latest mako’s I think a 140 and 150 in “mutant” mode are great!

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150 for sure

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You will have to decied what you want more . High power or wave riding .  Both boards work wel for both styles with the 140 better at power and the 150 waves. I like and biased towards the 150