Water behind knees
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I have worn my new pyro pro 5 times wind surfing now and love it. Yesterday I took a kite lesson and was standing in the water for about an hour , when I came out of the water I noticed there were pockets of water behind my knees. Definitly not in side the suit , but in between the two layers. Is this just a function of standing in the water too long, or is something wrong?

Also is there any kind of coating like scotch guard , that would make suit shed water and protect fabric.



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At the bottom of the suit is a couple of holes to allow the suit to drain when riding . Of course they allow it to fill when standing in the water.  I get the same effect standing teaching.
My suit is 5 years old ( Nearly dead)  All it has had is talc and washing after every use. It will be fare wear and tear that eventualy kills it.

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Hey Matth, this is a known issue with a simple fix. Read more here

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El Rudo - 16 April 2012 07:00 AM

Hey Matth, this is a known issue with a simple fix. Read more here

Thanks for sharing the link. I heard from a friend that he’d love to buy one for me for as long as I can help him with his problem. Thank you so much again for this.


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