Anybody actually riding the 140 or 150 in mutant mode?
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I’m considering to buy a 140x40 Mako freeride. So far I have only used a twintip and most of the time I kite at sea/in the waves (Netherlands). I can buy a new 2009 or 2011 model. The latter has the advantage to be able to be ridden in mutant mode but is also somewhat more expensive. I do like the idea of riding mutant but I was wondering however if anyone actually ever uses this board (or maybe a 150) in mutant mode. Does it really work? Is it worthwhile to buy a 2011 model for that reason?

Thanks for your feedback.


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Hi Bart,
Get the 2011 model.
Try it in TT and then in mutant mode and post here.. wink
no serious get the 2011, wood core.


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haha, i will!  I bought the 2011 model and tried it last two days (TT mode). So far so good! Made me happy grin

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I ride in the Gorge, stopped by Windance and decided to demo a Mako 150 on a light wind day. I weigh 140lbs and my biggest kite is a OR Rise 9m. The wind was around 15kt.  Some riders were on 16m,  most on 14m and 12m.  I launched, quickly got on a plane off the wind and was able to reach upwind very nicely. I was instantly blown away by the smooth ride provided by this board. Wow!  I reached great speeds for the conditions and kept up with those riding much bigger kites.  The board doesn’t require nearly as much edging due to its concave shape and provides for a comfortable stance with near equal foot pressures. Really nice, felt like a clean and efficient ride.

I kept the board one more day and rode it on my OR Rise 7m in 20-30kt.  It started to feel too big for my 140 lbs weight as one would expect.

I ended up buying the Mako 140x40 and immediately set it up in MUTANT configuration. It has a similar feel to the 150 but is more appropriately sized for me. Super impressed! Same smooth ride. Rides well is both directions, but is a real treat when ridden directionally. Super easy to jibe toe-side with a kite down-loop and toe-side ride out.  Feels very carvy and fun in the waves. 
Thanks Ocean Rodeo for a yet another great product!

Try one for yourself!

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I use a 2011 150x40 in mutant mode (front pad in tt setting, the back one in the mutant one, quite wide stance) and like it very much. 2011 seems plane more easily, perhaps a bit stiffer. I would go 2011, even only for wood core