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I’m the owner of a pyro pro for 3 years now.
This is a great suit, very reliable.
My only problem is to manage sweat, sometimes I get really damp because of that ...

I’ve seen that OR came with a new breathable fabric for the pyro pro.

I’m looking for feedback about this new material because my suit is still doing well and I wouldn’t want to waste such amount of money for an upgrade if that don’t make a big difference.

Thanks for your advice !

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what you have to remember is that breathable fabics only really work when there’s less moisture on the outside of the material than the inside, so yes its an advantage if you are staying dry, but if you’re getting wet you may find it makes little difference. I’ve used both breathable and non breathable and when you’re wet outside, there’s not all that much difference in performance, though if you stay dry, you will benefit.


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Ok thanks for your detailed answer.
I will stay with my old pyro pro until it worns out too much and wear less underclothes to lower the inside temperature.

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Well, I’d have to partially agree with Woody on that one. Obviously if you are submerged the suit will have a tough time venting your heat and perspiration but otherwise the breathable material makes a world of difference.

Remember, when you are kiting you are rarely in the water. The new breathable material will drastically reduce your overall moisture buildup inside your suit.

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