Race board vs. Mako Classic
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I am currently riding the 150 Mako Wide 09 (weigh 185lbs) and find it is the best allround board I tried so far. However recently I was demoing a Mako Classic 08, and really liked the speed of that board.
But I am not sure whether to get one, because it has quite a few downsides over the Wide: Less planning = bigger kite, not as smooth.. At full speed I also had more pressure on the front foot, which felt not really healthy when the front leg was fully extended. Also, the concave defeats the purpose of riding fast a bit.

For those reasons, I though about getting a race board, and have a few questions about it: grin
- Is the “top speed” better than on the Mako Classic?
- How do both compare in heavy chop?
- How is the footbalance, comparing both?
- How does the body position look like when going fast on the race board? Poo stance? Pictures appreciated wink
- Are race boards generally more tiring to ride?
- Is the angle of the fins adjustable? Generally I want to ride fast and not too much upwind.
- How does it ride toeside?
- Does it slide out in turns?
- How is the downwind performance compared to the Classic? Harder to control?
- Are wider and shorter race boards generally better upwind and worse downwind?
- Is jumping possible on the race board, or what are the main reasons not to do it?

That’s it so far wink


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You sure do have alot of questions. I like the Classic in higher winds than the 150 Wide because I find it is easier to really dig in the rail and shoot upwind. It also forces me to have good technique for turns; the 150 Wide, with it’s better planing, is too forgiving this way.

I have never ridden a race board so I can’t answer anything about that. I will also be interested to hear a comparison…



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The mako classic is about the fastest board out there with out going to a full on speed board. Race boards are designed to go upwind as this is where you win the race.
The Mako walks it. Race boards will rattle your teeth out.
Foot balance on the mako is an equal stance . On a race board it depends on the board setup.
when racing body position for the camera is the least of my worries!!!!!
Yes The board are rock hard so your legs feel everything You also try to run them flat to drive off the fins. This makes my ankles ache .
Fast and not to much wind is hydrofoil territory . Fast in a good wind is Mako heaven
Mako are great toeside . Race boards depend on their width but generally you don’t win unless you can tack or gybe so toeside is not a high consideration.
Mako will if you cock up Race board with those fins ? What do you think?
The mako is fast and easy Depending on Race board and fins the can range from fast and stable to . Total bitches.
Board shape is personal preference and body weight . Things are changing so quickly tomorrows board be totally different.
Jumping is totally possible and loading the fins will boost you well. Down side is if you land anything other the feather light you will break the board!!
What you are comparing is an elephant and a tea pot . They both have water up the spout but there it ends. If you want to race then Race board or hydrofoil . Anything else Mako.

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Thanks for the insight!
Yeah I know both are designed for different purposes, a race board for a big windrange and upwind capability, to complete a course fast. My main concern was to increase maximum speed, and if the race board does that better as well, it might do the trick for me. But I can imagine that a big stiff board with nearly no concave is very harsh to ride in chop..So I am probably skipping that idea.
The skinny Mako is awesome, just tempts me to hold on to bigger kites again.. And the footbalance feels a bit strange as well, front leg extended with lots of pressure on it. I tried to ride it more poo stance like so that I don’t have to extend the front leg. Worked somewhat, but I was hanging on the rail a bit too much.
Tough decision, I think my ultimate board would be the skinny mako 2cm wider with a bit less concave - if you guys accept suggestions for 2011 already wink