small rises for teaching
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Hi, I’d like the opinion of anyone who has used small size rises, 4m/6m, for teaching.
How did you find the kites, particularly in terms of:
Light wind use (we need to keep students underpowered when learning the basics)
and students attitude towards the kite.

We had a 08 6m rise last year and did some lessons on it. I found it hard to relaunch, a little unstable - it would stall a lot in lighter winds, and this seemed to turn the students off the kite.
This year we are looking for a few more small kite (we keep breaking some of our other brands!) and will consider the rise again

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Hi Peter,

I have teach with a 7m one 2007 and I haven’t find problems at all, if the winds are gusty and changing there is no kite that will be stable and staying without stalling. Any 8m Rise or 10m could do the work for you, they are strong believe me, i live in the “Rock” now and i have put them to use.

Now, a personal tip from my own experience, don’t make your students spend to much time with a kite that they won’t use for actually getting up and ride, meaning: I teach my students with the kite that they will use to ride according to their weight and local beach winds, this way they get to know the kite and be confident with it. when you are a beginner or starting to learn the change of sizes in the kite even if they are the same kite model makes a big different.



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Hi Charley,
thanks for that. of course no kite is stable all the time, the sport would be too easy if it was, but the 6m we had was harder to fly than some of the other brands we had. don’t worry we don’t keep students on small kites all the time, but i much prefer teaching them to work the kites to get the best out of the smaller ones rather than sticking them on a big bow and see them pull in the bar and disappear off downwind with no kiteskills at all…

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2009 does stall way less than the 08. 2010 even less…. very hard to stall this kite. flew the 7m 10 and 12. all of them do not stall in light winds even with zero trim taken out on the bar.