Add a Crew Banner To Your Website!
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As some of you may already know we’ve made available Crew Banners that anyone can add to their website.

These Banners are constantly updated with the most recent Crew data from our website, giving viewers of your website a window into the comings and goings of the Ocean Rodeo Crew.

Even cooler is that these banners will help raise your site in search results! By adding one of these banners to your site you gain importance with the search engines in 2 important ways:

1) You add a stream of constantly refreshing information to the home page of your site. This forces the webbots to scan your site more regularly and rank the page higher as a result
2) You have an active backlink to our main Ocean Rodeo page. Search engines will assign a greater importance to your site because of this direct connection with ours.

Provided you have logged in with your Crew ID visit this page to see active versions of these banners and to capture the required embed text needed to add one to your own website or blog!

Here’s a screen capture of one of the banners in the 2 currently available colour options. Note that we have multipe sizes and shapes for you to choose from here:

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Good Idea JZ!!! We will use them for sure smile



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nice banners guys

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On my new website, I only can see “Visit Ocean Rodeo Kiteboarding today” No banner. On the banner site It is the same.