Fall and rise of 150 classic
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I have parted company with my 2006 150 classic or rather it parted company with itself.
After several years semi obedient service and bowel loosening moment the poor dear has a ceremonial burial with full military honours at the local land fill.(I wanted a funeral pyre in the back garden Hindu style)
Good news is a new classic pup arrived with a glimmering flawless coat and a lovely smooth bottom.
The 2009 is a thinner more flexible friend than its dearly departed brother and been genetically modified to sprout super soft foot pads . A quick test and you could feel the pads oozing between your toes. Wrapping round your feet like your favourite pair of bosoms .
  I will give a word of warning . The board arrived and the wind went. Coincidence?
Still unridden I took the board on vacation to a dry windy island.
It rained a the wind failed to get out of bed and the fawner and fawner was the best the island had witnessed in years. Coincidence?
  The morning before our flights the wind came to taunt and jeer but I had a plan . A with late flight a morning session could be stolen.
Ridding the 2009 150 classic.
Just like its brother, Fast as a banker getting his bonus .No board carves like the 150 and smooth as an Obama speech.
Yes it still has that where did I leave my clean underwear moments at speed a mybe a few more.
Like all adrenaline sports if you didn’t get those Oops may be that was not the best decision I could have perused would it be worth doing?
To sum up 2009 is lighter, smoother than 2006 but may be a little loose when a full blast.

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Hope you get some more time on the Classic. The wind is coming tomorrow and I plan to be out for a long session on my Classic from 2007.



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sunrise - 04 April 2009 08:11 AM

Wrapping round your feet like your favourite pair of bosoms

Each to their own but I could think of something far better to wrap around my favourite pair of bosoms than a pair of stinking pasties smile

The Ocean Rodeo ‘Bliss’ foot pads are a work of art!

Sorry to hear your holiday was windless Richard. Here’s to next week on the south coast.



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sorry to jinx it guys but i just bought a surfboard :D

bye bye wind!


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You’re gonna have to burn it now Harry as a ritual sacrifice.  Sorry buddy.


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How is the new Classic for jumping, compared to it’s predecessor?  I am thinking about upgrading my ‘08 model, but not sure if it is worth the investment.