16m venturi Rise-the buzz just keeps gettin better!
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I’ve flown this kite a dozen times or so now, and I’m really getting it dialed in.
This sweet big beautiful baby is really special man.
After my last session I am struck by something new that this kite has brings to my session. Its not the low end that is most remarkable, its very similar to the 07’s. Its just how much more power this kite generates when its flown in the mid to upper end of its wind range.
It must be the vents.
I seems to able to point higher, bear off without stalling more and jump so fricken hard and fast that my guts hurt afterwards!
When was the last time you flew a kite that yanked you around so hard that you spent the night in bed moaning in pain and you never even crashed once?
Another thing I can’t stop thinking about is how remarkably well it flies when you pull in a lot of sheeeting through the cleat. I’ve flown other brands and sheeted in a bunch and they stop responding to rear line tension and you need to adapt to that change.
Nothing seems to change with this kite. It turns just as fast with 20” of line through the cleat when its super powered as it does when its at full power and no sheeting in 12 knots of wind.
I think Ross deserves to have more than just a 10m you guys,
I’d like to give him a gold medal or something, because this 16m is killer!
10 to 18 knots has never been so damn much fun for a 200lb’r like me!:twisted:

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Hi Craig,at what setting do you ride it? And on what knot is it at rear line and at the bar adjustement…I am loving my 16 but not dialed in right to my taste…My 12 is a magnificent kite…



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I’m using a 60cm bar, it will work with the 50cm, but the turning speed is better on a bigger bar.
I really like the bridal setting on #3 too.
Thats both front and rear attachments towards the trailing edge.
The settings can viewed here…

I’ve been putting the rear lines on the inner most knot of the pigtail
(I attach the pig tail to my lines, not the kite)
You can always take that out on the bar with some sheeting if the winds build too.
I try to point downwind and match speed with the kite right off the bat.
Once you enter that apparent wind zone, you are golden and the magic begins…it took me a few sessions to find that feeling, but now that I’m there, its opened my eyes to some pretty amazing things.

I totally agree with on the 12m too, its has very good low end, turns very fast, jumps so smooth and high…I love that thing too!
Here in Seattle, we get a lot of days of just 14 knots, so a big kite is needed to make the most of it. Lately I’ve been going out in this and having it build up. The 16m is quite a thrill when this happens.

Good luck dude!