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Ocean Rodeo Discussions 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z Copyright (c) 2014 ExpressionEngine tag:oceanrodeo.com,2014:07:23 Ocean Rodeo Go-Joe $50 tag:oceanrodeo.com,2014:forums/viewthread/.4564 2014-07-23T21:30:35Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z J_Rock

Go-Joe Leashless Board Recovery

In excellent condition, no rips, repairs or tears.



Asking $50

****Free Shipping Within North America****

Simple_J_Z at yahoo dot ca

2010 mako king for sale tag:oceanrodeo.com,2014:forums/viewthread/.4555 2014-06-20T17:30:38Z 2014-06-30T17:17:00Z rustyb SOLD

WTB Mid 2000 vintage 60cm (24”) bar tag:oceanrodeo.com,2014:forums/viewthread/.4551 2014-06-03T13:38:40Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z kontinuous I am looking for one of the older, large OR bars.  These are non-curved, Black, Red and Gray with no adjustment.  Dig around in your old gear and send me an image of what you have.  smile

2013 12m Razor MINT tag:oceanrodeo.com,2014:forums/viewthread/.4549 2014-06-02T01:16:45Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z jespin4845 kite is still crispy, bag and kite only
$600 obo
email me for HD PICS

javier dot e dot espinosa dot jr at gmail dot com

Ocean Rodeo 8m + 12m Rise 2010 tag:oceanrodeo.com,2014:forums/viewthread/.4501 2014-04-25T04:05:27Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z domdino Great condition, no repairs.

8m and a 10m, i think they are both 2010s but the 8m MIGHT be an 09, either way they’re both awesome and yours for only… err, $600? Comes with 2 2011ish bar and lines.

Sorry for the vagueness they’re packing away in the closet and getting them out seems like a lot of work smile

sold - 2011 Razor 12m w/bar $750 tag:oceanrodeo.com,2014:forums/viewthread/.4491 2014-04-18T18:02:00Z 2014-06-27T16:17:53Z mdpminc 2011 Ocean Rodeo Razor 12m
In very good condition complete with bar, 23m+4m lines, leash and bag (white/green)
Very grunty kite for the size.
Wide wind range (especially with extensions)

video in action:
(205lbs rider wind ~12knts)

Sold - 2009 Rise 16m w/bar $500 tag:oceanrodeo.com,2014:forums/viewthread/.4490 2014-04-18T17:57:28Z 2014-06-20T14:37:30Z mdpminc 2009 Ocean ROdeo Rise 16m
Complete with “L” bar, 23m lines + 4m extensions and bag
Very good condition without repairs.
All bladders hold air all day.
Awesome wind range.
Big boy kite

2009 Rises tag:oceanrodeo.com,2014:forums/viewthread/.4479 2014-04-11T17:07:24Z 2014-04-22T13:45:10Z greenkiteskier   My complete set of OR Rises 8m,10,12, and 14m are all for sale. All work and some have had bladders replaced.
  Individual prices   8m   $150     2009 bar to fit 8,10,12   $100   2011 bar $125
                  10m   $200
                  12m   $200
            14m c/w bar $250       Also available and free to anyone who buys it all 2 new bladder sets(some already installed)

  For more details email me   Gary   redoak at cruzinternet dot com

These are excellent kites but I’ve gone excessively Razor now so they have to move

The 8,10 and 12 are now SOLD only the 14 is left.

2013 Storm 5m SOLD tag:oceanrodeo.com,2014:forums/viewthread/.4468 2014-04-09T15:41:43Z 2014-06-07T15:07:18Z Pete 2013 Storm 5m complete with new bar and lines. Lines never off bar. Blue and white. Used 4 times, in excellent condition. This is “the” high wind kite designed for stability and predictability in high wind. Outstanding construction with a five strut canopy. This kite will also perform great for smaller riders in sub-nuclear winds. $675.
Pete 541-806-2330

Ocean Rodeo 12 Rise $400 tag:oceanrodeo.com,2014:forums/viewthread/.4465 2014-04-06T14:24:22Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z GCRB [size=3][color=orange][
12m Rise bought new 2011 sailed 3 years, good condition, will include older bar if needed. Contact for pic Greg 310 714 4271[/size]