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Official Drysuit of the Race To Alaska R2AK_logo

No Motors, No Support, All The Way To Alaska

The official drysuit of the R2AK, the Ignite Offshore drysuit featuring Standby Mode is the drysuit of choice for those brave enough to face the challenge of sailing, rowing or paddling their way 750 miles up the BC coastline from Port Townsend, Washington to Ketchikan, Alaska. Interested in the Ignite?

Contact your local dealer today to arrange a fitting and see why the Ignite featuring Standby Mode is your best choice, no matter if your next offshore adventure takes you to Alaska or just out for the afternoon!

Featured R2AK team endorsements:

The chance of going for a swim during the race is real and our hypothermia training showed that you need to be prepared for getting in real trouble.

The Ocean Rodeo Ignite is the best drysuit I have ever owned for this type of application; It’s all about the design and the zipper. I’ve tried other major brands and they don’t even come close in functionality.

Team Sea Runner

The Ignite Drysuit massively exceeded my expectations. I’d never used a drysuit before but I’ve spent several winter seasons in Northern Norway in arctic survival suits and the Ignite was so much better. The nicest piece of clothing I’ve ever bought. Can’t say enough good things about the suit or the company and their support for the racers. 
If you’re considering the R2AK, you’re batshit crazy if you don’t have a drysuit and you’re insane if you don’t go with the Ocean Rodeo Ignite. It was one of the absolute critical pieces of kit for the race and I only wore it in ‘full dry’ mode for 15% of the time, the rest of the time I was in standby mode. 
Team Puffin

My team wore Ocean Rodeo Ignite drysuits for the duration of the event, and I wouldn’t have taken anything else. The number of well thought out features made the suit perfect for continued exposure in a wet environment and comfortable even after nine straight days of use. Standby mode was key during the few light wind hours and allowed us to row without having to undress completely.

The Ignite drysuit is the best suit I’ve tried for long term adventure racing. Other suits out there lack many of the offshore features that make the Ignite perfect for the R2AK.

Team Freeburd